Casey Jones
April O'Neil


Part 1: No Hope

Hello.  Thank you for purchasing tickets to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  
Like any old action adventure flick, good will triumph over evil, in the end. 
 But this is not a story about good triumphing over evil.  
This is a story about 

Splinter is a young Japanese student of  Bushido.  After meditating his sensei alerts him that he feels a gross disruption, and assigns Splinter to investigate North America.  Meanwhile,  New York city has been overrun by a corporate boss named Krang.  He began as a brilliant banking executive and turned all-powerful, in absolute control of the police, the courts, the press and New York City's wealth.  His best friend and loyal confidant from the beginning, Shredder, polices Krang's empire with an iron fist, eliminating all potential threats to Krang, Inc. with violent gangster-ism.

Krang is so corrupted by power, and the vanity of his own intellect, that he funds the development of a genetic serum which promises to give him superhuman intelligence.  The experiment backfires, causing a genetic mutation that gives him rare insight into the structure of DNA, but causes constant excruciating migraines, a visually horrible deformation of his skull and brain, and atrophies the rest of his body. "A most unfortunate turn of events."  Krang is humiliated, and Shredder comes to his aid, pins Krang up onto a wall in his executive chamber, and attempts to manage the organization with only Krang's disturbed consultations for guidance.

The glass was half full, so to speak.  As Krang gets more familiar with his new circumstances, he discovers that the mutation allows him to read and write genetic-code as if it were a computer programming language. He begins to experiment with making weird animals privately, to the sympathy but disgust of his only friend Shredder, who now believes that Krang is insane, and that the empire they built together will quickly crumble.

Meanwhile, Splinter, who has been investigating New York City for years, finally tracks down Krang's headquarters, and infiltrates them by posing as a lab scientist.  He is discovered and brought in front of Krang, who is infuriated by the impostor.  Krang uses his new powers to transform the samurai into a rat, and locks it in a cage. Splinter escapes, opening a second cage which liberates four turtle-children, and flees with them into the sewer.

Shredder alerts Krang that Splinter and four of his other mutant experiments are missing, and Krang is horrified.  Krang makes Shredder promise that he will: "find the rat and kill it, and find the Turtles and bring them back." Shredder, who is ever-more disturbed by Krang's deplorable new condition, promises with sympathy for his old friend that he will do it.

Shredder and his team set out into the night to hunt for Splinter.  Shivering in the sewers,  Splinter searches for a stabbing weapon so that he can carry out a seppuku, but comforted by the innocence of his 12 year old companions, catches his breath. Shredder and his men descend with dual pistols drawn, and the Turtles and Splinter flee deeper into the darkness.  While being pursued, Splinter trips and falls, breaking his leg, and the turtles stuff him into a pipe, then escape to safety.  Their amphibian natures take a liking to the environment in the sewers.  They find some stale pizza crusts, and celebrate.  One of them has a guilty conscious about leaving Splinter in a pipe, and they discuss the prospects of going back to rescue him.  They decide that "it's only fair, because he got us out of our cage, that we try, but it's going to be impossible." 

Shredder and his men patrol directly below where Splinter is hiding, and suffering the pains of his broken leg, Splinter bites down on a wooden block to damped the sound.  The mutant turtles, more comfortable with water than humans, find Shredder and his men, and approach.  They create a diversion, grab Splinter, and flee with him safely into the depths of the sewers.  They find a rag, and use it as a tourniquet to treat Splinter's broken leg, and the wound heals leaving him permanently crippled. Then Splinter thanks them, and explains briefly who he was before his mutant transformation.  He offers to act as their sensei, where he can train them in how to fight, and teach them books. In return, they must promise to protect him, and to help him try to oust Krang.  They say ok, and the first film ends.

Part 2: A Whole New World

The second film opens with a mysterious street vigilante named Casey Jones.  A social outcast whose ambitions are stifled rather than encouraged by the corrupt system of merit-earning for cash pay-outs.  In vehement loathing of the press, he survives on petty profit from street crime, which he morally justifies with his intuitive sense that there is "a greater evil which plagues this city." His romantic passions are fueled only by alcohol and his propensity for violence. Casey Jones  has discovered Krang's headquarters by accident, and takes keen interest in it.  He does well for himself lurking thereabouts, jumping whomever may enter or leave with a baseball bat.  He does not know what goes on inside, or who Krang is, and does not care.

April O'Neil is an ambitious young news journalist who works for a network that she does not know is controlled by Krang, Inc.  Part of an umbrella-system of media outlets that serves utter propaganda to secure political stability in New York, she is naive and overly eager to please her office manager, but begins to feel that the nature of her daily tasks reek of something bigger, and better left to the men in her life.  She requests to be transferred to crime reporting where she feels a stronger sense of honesty in her commitment to public service.  In reporting at the scene of a crime, documenting hard evidence, and disclosing undisputed facts, the allowed breadth of control over her nightly news hour is friendlier to her taste in journalism.

Meanwhile, the turtles are bigger and have undergone significant training from Splinter. They develop unique personalities and intellectual interests, which fascinates their master, who is getting more sickly from the poor bandaging of his amputated leg - cut off at the shin and replaced with a wooden prosthetic.  Ostensibly, they resemble and behave much like any 16 year old boys, and Splinter finds them difficult to control without catering his lessons to their individual imaginations.  He gives each of them a name, based on his fondness for the Italian Renaissance, according to their emerging dispositions.  He fears they are too small physically to compete with humans, and will be disadvantaged in further battles against Shredder.  Each one is exactly 5'6'' weighing around 135 lbs. and at about this time, their physical growth has terminated.  Splinter has not yet seen his own reflection, and tries to explain what he was capable of by way of samurai swordsmanship before his mutant transformation to subordinate them, becoming progressively more clever as a sensei.  He outfits each of the turtles for traditional samurai training, and uses different colors for trimming, so that he may tell them apart.  Then he continues plotting on how they might possibly destroy Krang.

Krang's Empire is now in full disarray, and Krang's mental capacities appear to be worsening with time.  Without his proper guidance, Shredder is incapable of managing its installed financial and political instruments or understanding fully Krang's vision, which required issuing a delicate combination of psychological and physical intimidation backed by technical financing and human-resource manipulation. With clocks ticking, Shredder begins to panic and thus requires more intimacy with his old friend to assuage his own growing inner-tensions.  Krang is no longer what he once was.  The man who rose from the trenches of wall street to rule this city now appears sickly and pathetic.  As his loyal second-in-command, Shredder bars all-others access to Krang's chamber and nurses him with hidden disappointment.     

April O'Neil is assigned to report on a big crime that just took place in the financial district.  A large yacht was broken into and a private business deal was smashed up by some lunatic wearing a hockey mask.  As the detectives put the pieces together, the victims appear as white-collar scum.  They can't tell a straight story about what they were doing or where the money that was stolen had come from.  After the final facts are gathered and summed together, it appears as an act of violence that was premeditated and politically motivated.  The detectives take particular interest in the culprit, and April's evening news report gets good ratings, which helps her reputation as an anchor at her new broadcasting position - a rare confusion ensues in the offices of New York News Corporation.             

In the sewers, the turtles work diligently at their lessons, and the mental stimulation allows their personalities to keep growing.  Leo is the leader and the best student, with the strongest moral conscience.  Donny is preoccupied with sciences and math, and blabbers on and on when nobody is paying attention.  Mikey takes an interest in culture, particular the arts, but enjoys any form of positive energy, from music, and especially stupid jokes.  Raph is more quiet and contemplative than his brothers, and has an unstable temperament which troubles Leo, but he is the toughest fighter. The turtles are doing well at their lessons, so Splinter allows them to go out exploring on their own, but forbids them to leave the sewer.  They approach a storm drain anyway, and stare at the world of men above in awe and wonder.  Across the street from their position is a pizzeria, and after it looks closed, Raph disobeys Splinter's orders and sneaks up and across to find discarded pizzas in the dumpster behind, still warm, and carries them back into the storm drain where he and his brothers devour them with glee.

Krang and Shredder converse, and Krang's mental focus makes Shredder unwell. Shredder ponders Krang to reminisce about his initial purpose, causing Krang to flirt with contrition, which destabilizes Shredder's mood further.  Shredder requests that he be given orders, and Krang turns vile and repeats that "you must catch the rat and kill it."  It sounds absurd, but Shredder understands and commits himself to this cause in order to escape the reality that is their doomed operation.  Shredder nods and retires to his armory to prepare for another excursion into the sewers.  During this he gets word from his men that Krang, Inc. is starting to lose its grasp over the press, and that a new series of crime sprees is triggering a renegade police investigation.  He abandons the sewers to assess the greater threat posed by their weakened infrastructure.

The news reports a string of assaults and robberies related to a loose network of secretive business affiliates in the financial district.  The NYPD detectives are intimidated by the contradictory nature of their duties as police offers. The suspicious nature of the victims of the crimes they are investigating, and the imagined purpose of the culprit cause confusion and cynicism.  April O'Neil’s popularity as a reporter begins to sky-rocket, and her enthusiasm overshadows that of the NYPD, who are content to preform what's expected and retire with their paychecks.  Her early suspicions of corruption from within broadcasting add intrigue to this mysterious masked-figure who's clobbering bank-scum and getting away with it.  She starts to develop a crush on him, and extends her investigative reporting work into the off-hours of the night.

With the new independence of their more lenient academic regiment, the turtles get tired of exploring the sewer and pry their eyes more deeply into the world above.  Leo threatens Raph that he will tell Splinter if Raph goes out into the street again, so Raph sneaks out at night, alone, and wonders up into the city by himself.  Totally confused, he finds some ragged clothing in a dust-bin and uses it to disguise his mutant identity.  Suddenly, a powerful voice threatens him and charges.  Raph throws away his cloak and draws his two sias and he and Casey Jones do battle.  Casey Jones discovers that Raph is a mutant and thinks he is a monster, and tries to kill him.  Raph is better trained and has superior Japanese weaponry, and wards off the assaults.  Finally, Casey Jones gives up, and Raph laughs, which enables Casey to discover that his opponent can speak.  The two converse on the street, and quickly become friends.  They discuss their political situations, and Casey Jones' anger and his existential ambivalence make him tolerant of the oddity that is embracing a mutant as a comrade.  They agree to meet again at a particular time and place to exchange more information.  Raph tells Casey that he knows something about Krang, and wants to introduce him to Splinter.  Four loud gun bursts startle them and bullets fly past.  Casey Jones thinks it's the police, but turns around to see Shredder with a pistol pointed at him. He screams at Raph to get back into the Sewer, then begins to charge Shredder, not knowing who he is but hating him.  More of Shredder's men appear and instead of engaging them in battle, Casey Jones jumps onto the roof of a car and uses the elevation to smash a near-bye street lamp with his baseball bat, and then flees to safety.     


Raph returns to the turtle's hide-out.  Splinter catches him sneaking back in, and punishes him without asking any questions.  The next morning Raph has a chance to speak on his own behalf and tells Splinter about what he saw and who he met the evening prior.  Splinter warns him that he is not skilled enough or experienced enough with the ways of men to brave the streets by himself, that he is mutant and along with his brothers, the only four of his kind.  He must stay close to the other turtles and listen to his commands, or it will be too dangerous.  Raph shrugs his shoulders and falls back into gloomy contemplation while the rest of the Turtles prepare for their daily lessons.

More violent robberies occur and take due notice from the press.  An armored truck delivery to Krang, Inc. was intercepted and more corporate toadies have had their heads smashed in by a baseball bat, and briefcases filled with cash stolen.  An image of the culprit was captured on video surveillance.  The police superintendent orders a man hunt, but advises the patrol officers to avoid any confrontations with Krang Inc.  April O'Neil starts keeping a private journal to work on the case by herself, which includes examining moral ambiguity against her early career suspicions of corruption working for New York News Corporation.  She begins to think that whomever is planning the attacks is brave, and is bored of her network supervisor, who keeps hitting on her.  After work, she retires to write in her journal, in her lonely apartment.  

Shredder reports to Krang that he saw one of the turtles on the street talking to Casey Jones, and Krang perks up and giggles, then starts greedily asking questions about it.  Shredder snubs his questioning and urges him to consider that he is unwell, and thinks they should abort their operation and try to escape before all hope is lost.  Krang replies that all hope is already lost, and that escaping is impossible, and gestures to his tiny body hanging on the wall underneath his overbearingly large and painful skull.  Then, Krang glowers, smiles in a way that is terrifying, and repeats that Shredder "must find the rat and kill it, and bring the turtles back safely to him."  Shredder obeys, with no other ideas available.  He exists Krang's chamber to prepare his search team.

With tensions running high in the streets above,  the turtles focus their training more diligently with Splinter. Leo is noble and the most loyal to Splinter philosophical points of teaching, and polices the politics within the turtle-brotherhood with moral purpose.  Donny is content to calculate scientifically by his side, and Mikey is happy with those two working things out, and acts submissive - clowning around in comfort and trust of their leadership, which amuses everybody.  Raph is quiet.  He fantasizes about being up on the street in the world of men, and considers the punishments he received for disobeying Splinter's orders. He decides to break his promise to Splinter, and sneaks-out again to make his appointment with Casey Jones, who shows up at the agreed upon place, waiting to hear from him.

Casey Jones takes Raph into an abandoned building and the two scale the stairs up onto the roof, where there is a tremendous view of New York City.  Casey pulls out a satchel and rolls each of them a cigarette, and starts telling Raph about the human race.  He tells them about his past, that his parents both abandoned him and he was left to raise himself in "the school of hard knocks."  He tells him that he learned to survive on the outskirts of town with help from other thieves.  He says that "keeping your eyes and ears open to the street is the only way to really see what's going on," and mentions the broadcasting networks that have turned everyone else into fish-bait.  Raph listens intently to what Casey has to say.  Casey opens himself a can of beer and asks Raph where he learned how to fight, and Raph briefly mentions Splinter again, and Casey replies, "That's cool!" and then says: "You gotta fight."  Casey never acknowledges Raph's mutant-turtle nature, and acts ambivalently towards it.  He asks Raph to show him his sais again, and Raph shows him one, and Casey snickers arrogantly and maintains that "I just like my baseball bat." Then Casey tells Raph that he could use some help robbing corporate scum, and says "There's good money in it."  Raph doesn't know what money is, and tells Casey to show him more of the city, and to tell him more about the human race.  Casey and he go back to the street and hop onto the roof of a moving bus, laying flat on their stomachs. Casey conducts a more elaborate tour of New York City laughing wildly with the wind in his face and shouting and pointing at things, and Raph is ecstatic the whole time, never wanting it to end.        

Shredder and his men descend into the sewers and Splinter hears their footsteps crescendo.  He wakes up to gaze at orange light from lanterns intensifying at the other end of that gloomy hallway.  He wakes up the turtles and notices Raph is missing, and rallies the other three to prepare for battle.  Donny, Mikey and Leo jump up and form a triangle, with Leo in front and Mikey and Donny adjacent behind him, with Splinter quivering further back.  Shredder sees the turtles and is afraid to shoot at them, lest he injure one. He locates Splinter and fires a warning shot.  Loose scaffolding crumbles and a wall collapses between Shredder and the Turtles.  Rubble falls from the ceiling and amasses a small barricade, then everything goes black...

When Raph returns, the damaged corridor startles him.  He makes his way through the crumbled wall to find Splinter meditating in the corner.  Leo and Donny are nursing Mikey.  He asks Leo to explain what has happened, but Leo shakes his head to dismiss the question.  Donny tells him that Shredder had entered their midst, and gunfire caused a stack of bricks to fall, knocking Mikey into a coma.  Leo tells Raph that he is an idiot for leaving without Splinter's permission, and says the whole thing is his fault.  Raph bursts into tears and turns around.  He runs out of the sewers and up onto the street.  Then, he gallops out beyond the city limits in the dead of night, all the way to a forest.  The second film ends.     

Part 3: The Reckoning

Raph runs into a forest by himself crying, stakes out a safe location, and rests there.  He has a vision-quest, pondering everything Splinter has taught him against his new experiences with Casey Jones and the world of men.  He wishes he were a full man, and starts wailing, lamenting his state of neither here nor there.  He is a mutant turtle with human-like features, armed with enough sense to understand men, but without the proper form to ever fully be one.  He screams up at the sky for a higher being to come down and relinquish him from his shame, then beats his own chest with a stick until it gashes open and bleeds.  Then he collapses to his knees and thinks about his fatally wounded brother. Splinter's voice appears as an omen, saying: "you are being too selfish Raph, please come home," and he snaps out of his daze and begins to journey back.

When Raph arrives the scene in the sewers is the same:  Mikey has a cold cloth over his forehead, with Donny and Leo attending to him.  Raph looks at Splinter, who says nothing, and walks over to Mikey's bed side.  Mikey feels his presence and begins to climb out of his coma.  Time passes, and after several days he is fully recovered and everybody celebrates by stealing more pizza.  Mikey hugs Raph and tells him that he loves him, and Raph becomes giddy with self-vindication.  Splinter is so happy Mikey has recovered that he forgets about punishing Raph, and Raph tells them all the story of his meeting Casey Jones.  He says it's possible to meet him again, and that he's really tough and can help them, and Splinter concedes that they may learn more of Casey Jones, as longs as they travel as a team.

April O'Neil overhears a police detective complain about the elusive culprit responsible for the new string of violence.  That night she reviews her notes, including the evidence she has accumulated regarding the case, puts on a trench coat and leaves her apartment to investigate Casey Jones on her own.  Lurking mysteriously around Krang Inc. headquarters, Casey Jones pounces on her and grabs her elbow.  He is startled when he discovers that his foe is a beautiful woman.  She flirts with him, with her elbow grasped in his hand, and her heart pounding with adrenaline.  He shies away from her come-on, stating: "I can't be bothered with stupid games right now, I'm too busy hunting evil." April gives him her contract information anyway and says that she works for New York News Corporation, and that she may be able to help him with his quest.  Casey tells her to leave him alone, and she runs away laughing with tears in her eyes, back to her apartment and falls asleep.

Raph finds Casey Jones and summons him to their hide out, and Casey Jones makes friends with the other three turtles and Splinter, who debriefs Casey Jones on everything he knows about Krang, Inc.  Splinter tells Casey that he was once a man and Casey Jones vomits at the thought of Splinter once being a man, and pays him heartfelt condolences.  Casey boasts that he's been smashing Krang's affiliates, and wants to lead an offensive on the Krang, Inc. building, with confidence that under the right circumstances, he can kill Krang and Shredder.  Splinter thinks that Casey Jones is too reckless, and needs some time to think it over, so Casey Jones parts and tells him to get some sleep, goes back to the street, and calls April O'Neil.

Shredder bursts into Krang's chamber and finds Krang unconscious and moaning to himself.  Krang wakes up happy to see Shredder and asks if he has found the turtles yet. Shredder explains that there are bigger problems with Krang Inc., especially a violent street vigilante who has a cult following with the press.  The assets of Krang, Inc. are no longer in his control, and that in a matter of days they will be caught and prosecuted in a public trial.  Krang interrupts in his old-familiar tone, and claims that "he knew this would happen."  He asks Shredder if he is still loyal to him, and thankful for all the opportunities he has given him.  Shredder concedes that he still is, and then Krang tells him in pitiful whining "All I want is to see is my dear turtles again."  Krang is in a perpetual state of agony, and Shredder's sympathy for him remains.  He leaves Krang's chamber,  stops and thinks, then calmly speaks to himself with a violent and disturbed look on his face: "Let's all go mad, then."  He cocks his pistol and gives one last crafty look behind his shoulder at Krang's chamber door, and leaves to pursue a bloody rampage.         

Casey Jones contacts April O'Neil on the phone, and tells her that he has more information from an old samurai who has been investigating Krang, Inc. also, and asks her if she can send out a press release.  She replies with a request to meet the samurai, so she can ask him specific questions, and Casey offers to take her to him, but confesses that: "It's a level of disturbing."  Casey Jones and April meet and Casey brings her to Splinter.  She cries when she meets Splinter, and shows him due caring. When she calms down, April interviews him and collects enough information for a news report, but fears that a story about genetically mutated people on the evening news will cause a horrible pandemonium, and will not be allowed by her supervisors.  She turns her head to see the 6'4'' Casey Jones shadow boxing and joking around with Raph and Mikey, barely paying attention to she and Splinter's conversation.  Struck by the bravery of this physically-superior male who has become somewhat of a local legend, she watches him rough-house with mutant turtles while the rest of the world is burning, and with tears in her eyes, she falls in love with him.  Splinter feels that the turtles partnering with Casey Jones will give them enough confidence to challenge Shredder in battle.  April O'Neil  agrees to observe all activity around the Krang, Inc. building under the protection of New York News Corporation, and promises not mention a word about the mutants or Krang to the police. Casey Jones and the turtles gear up to penetrate Krang's headquarters.

The Turtles and Casey Jones meet Shredder and his men at the mezzanine of the Krang Inc. building, and Shredder quickly opens fire.  They spread out in combat formation and dodge his bullets.  The turtles agility is most impressive, and their intuition during the assault is exceptional, which gives Casey Jones an opportunity to position himself so he can pounce.  Casey drives from behind cover and smacks Shredder's back with a large blow, knocking him down, and Shredder rolls behind a desk, and Shredder's men react to drive Casey Jones into a deeper defensive position.  Shredder starts unloading rounds, which overwhelms him.  Casey commands Donny to look for the fuse box and break it.  Donny moves to the maintenance room in the corner and does this, and the lights go out, leaving Shredder and his men unable to aim their pistols in utter dark.  Shredder lights flares and throws several of them across the mezzanine, so that five shallow sources of green light burn at different points on the floor.  Casey Jones orders the turtles to stay out of the light, and Shredder's team and Casey's team hold their positions in a stalemate.  Then Mikey trips on something in the dark, starts to panic, and accidentally steps into the light of a flare, only to get showered by gunfire.  Casey Jones uses the loud bursts to locate three of Shredders men by ear, and kills them all in a tornado of powerful reckless blows.  Then Shredder kicks a flare over to his location, making him temporarily visible, and opens fire, nearly killing him.  Leo and Raph hear those gun blasts and follow Casey's lead, to locate their foe by sound, but Shredder has already moved.  Shredder then starts taunting Casey Jones, and puts down his pistol and draws a knife.  Shredder screams to Casey Jones, that "his day of reckoning is upon him" and Casey charges that direction, with Shredder anticipating his offense.  Shredder circles back to pin  Casey Jones in a corner, and manages to place a shallow gash on Casey Jones' shoulder with his blade. Casey screams to the turtles that he needs more light, and Raph kicks one of the flares over, illuminating the corner of the mezzanine.  Casey Jones and Shredder take advantage of the flare, and engage in hand to hand combat,  Casey armed with his bat, and Shredder with his knife.  Casey Jones shouts at the Turtles again, commanding them to leave the mezzanine and scale the building to look for Krang, while he handles Shredder.

The Turtles obey, and make their way to a stairwell. When all four are present, they ascend in search of Krang.  They locate Krang's chamber, which is unlocked, and enter, upon which they are distributed by the stench.  Krang wakes up from a slumber, drooling on himself and expecting to see Shredder.  When he discovers that it's the turtles, he belts out a siren,  and shows them a gaping smile, saying: "Turtles, I never thought you would come!" with something tickling the grey matter of his brain.  The turtles say nothing and Krang continues:  "Come closer, I am defenseless, and I've been waiting in agony for you here.  Don't worry, I am quit excited to see you again."  The turtles are at odds with how to proceed, but they approach Krang carefully, and all fall behind Leo, who leads them up to Krang's embrace.  Leo asks him: "Who are you?"  Krang laughs warmly, as if expecting to hear that question and replies: "I am Krang, I'm the one who created you."

Back down at the mezzanine, Casey Jones and Shredder are locked in a fight to the death.  Lit by only five burning flares dispersed across a room which is otherwise pitch black, Shredder's guns are less effective, and Casey Jones' strength and agility make Shredder progressively more menacing in turn.  Dodging in and out of light, and taunting each other with speech - Shredder realizes the difficulty level of murdering Casey Jones, and slows down the pace to gain a psychological advantage.  In all reality, Shredder has lost his grip on the world and knows that regardless of what happens to him, the work of Krang, Inc will be exposed to the masses.  He commits himself fully to the goal of ending his life with a final victory, and reasons that the turtles must have gone to Krang, as Krang had wished.  Casey Jones hangs back to catch his breath, and plans his next move.

Krang speaks again, asking the turtles to talk about themselves.  His mannerisms resemble a lonely grandmother.  "What are your names?"  Leo tells him their names and the others remain silent, in awe of Krang's face and voice, which together suggest a vastly superior intelligence.  Krang continues: "I've been stuck here so long, by myself, it would be nice to have friends.  Will you be my friend, Leo?"  Leo does not respond.  Then Krang continues: "I bet you don't know anything about me, it's probably better.  Do you know anything about life?"  Leo replies "Master Splinter taught us the ancient philosophies." Krang gasps for breath, and his heart almost stops. He regains his composure with a contemptuous look on his face and responds calmly: "Life is about desire, Leo, that's all it's about."  Leo gives him a skeptical look, and Krang resumes: "I only have one desire left Leo, and it is to die. Could you imagine that?"  Leo responds: "Master Splinter told us you were evil," and Krang takes another quick breath of air in, looking shocked by Leo's statement in complete and utter sarcasm.

In the mezzanine, the battle between Shredder and Casey Jones is lulled.  Casey Jones nurses the gash on his shoulder from behind a column. The darkness and the flares belong to his foe now, who is calm, and without an open wound.  Casey Jones reaches into his pocket and finds a coin.  He grabs it and throws it across the room. It splatters into a far away corner, which makes a jingling set of noises, and Shredder swiftly bloats out: "HAACH" in scorn of Casey's stupidity.  Shredder says "I know where you are hiding Casey Jones, did you really believe that I was going to fall for that?"

In Krang's chamber, Krang casually requests that he be taken off his life support system.  Leo now knows that Krang wants to die, and thus does not want to kill him.  Killing Krang would be allowing evil to escape justice, and to achieve its will, causing a horrible contradiction.  Krang   pretends that he wants to be Leo's friend so he can exploit Leo's sense of compassion, confessing his past sins in a pretentious effort to earn forgiveness and adding occasional threats until Leo is confused and frightened by the experience. Then Krang uses his mutant powers to generate a slimy warthog.  Mikey, Donny and Raph fight the warthog, and pin it into the corner of Krang's chamber while Leo and Krang continue to discuss the issue of removing Krang from life support.  

Shredder continues to taunt Casey Jones. "Who are you Casey Jones?  Arn't you just a common thug from the edge of town? Do you know what you have stumbled upon here? Do you know anything about this city Casey Jones? How many pathetic lives we have already taken to secure such power? This is science Casey Jones, and without method, like you have, a man is living in darkness."  Casey looks over to the direction of Shredder's voice, and sees him standing in the light of a flare.  "You can't live your life in darkness Casey Jones, men who live in darkness will never truly be men, to be a man Casey Jones, you must step into the light."  Casey Jones pops up and rushes at Shredder. Once Casey's body is visible, Shredder fires his pistol, and Casey Jones adjusts his hips and swings at the bullet as if it were a baseball, deflecting it and shattering his bat.  Then he grabs Shredder, wrestles him to the ground and strangles him to death.

Krang's last show of might is to overpower Leo in speech.  Leo's face saddens in recognition of his own inferiority.  With sniveling appeals to sympathy from a phony-cause for repentance, Krang successfully imposes his will over Leonardo, who proceeds to shut-down Krang's life support system as requested, upon which Krang cackles like Satan, and turns to stone.

After both villains are defeated, the turtles and Casey Jones rendezvous in the mezzanine and celebrate.  They are interrupted by a commotion, and hear the press knocking at the front entrance.  Casey's mood becomes dire once again, thinking about what would happen to the turtles if the press found them.  He tells them with angst to search for a back exit, which they do.  Then Casey opens the door to handle the authorities, with no other choice. First the police, then New York News Corporation.  The story of Krang, Inc. will be studied, and its ramifications dealt with to re-engineer a happier era for the City of New York.  A large crowd forms outside the building and cheers.  

April O'Neil finds Casey Jones, rushes over and tries to kiss him.  He's glad to see her, but before their romance can begin, Casey Jones' guilt brings him back to the mutants, who are hiding near a storm drain with Splinter present.  Casey Jones fears human prejudice will be intolerant of them, and that their freedoms will be taken once more for scientific research. Over cameras clicking and public banter,  the aggressive voice of a male press reporter: "What about turtles? I heard somebody say something about mutants?" Then Casey Jones and April O'Neil run to them, and Casey bellows "Master Splinter!!!" with April sobbing.  Splinter bows in the way of the samurai, disturbed and in awe of the twisted forces and their fatalistic reckoning.  "You can't come up here..."  Splinter nods, and descends with the turtles to celebrate their victory in private, with pizza.